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Subordinate Company
Tianjin expedition Building Services Limited is a company incorporated by the business sector to provide all kinds of construction labor services, integrated enterprise construction engineering technology consulting, decorative building materials wholesale and retail, the registered capital of Sanbailu ten million yuan, construction task can contract various types of main body and decoration engineering, ability has the contract amount of years to complete Yiyiwu thousand million yuan.

My company's existing template, masonry, plastering, paint, steel, welding, scaffolding, wood, concrete operation more than 10 labor jobs reached 3500 people, dozens of technical managers, always around to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development principle, in recent years has contracted projects, by the construction unit, supervision units, the total package units of praise, is a standardized management, excellent technology services sub-teams.

Companies to implement the "project, quality first" principle, to achieve safe and civilized construction, contract and keeping promises, to ensure the quality of construction, to the scientific management, the promotion of new technologies, new measures, to achieve high quality and low cost, elaborate construction, good at dedication, commitment to create works with outstanding corporate image, to create first-class performance, sincerely to provide quality services for all construction sector, provide a fine platform for cooperation, in the new century with the friends from all walks of life go hand in hand, create a better future.

Company address: Xiqing City, Tianjin Zhangjiawo Town Industrial Park
Postal Code: 300384
Tel: 022-23858688
Fax: 022-23858881
E-mail: webmaster@tianyijianshe.com
Company address: http://www.tianyijianshe.com | http://www.tianyijianshe.cn

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